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ФТС "Профессионал": Новости
14.02.2019 | Новости о турнирах
Соревнования WDSF PD SUPER GRANDPRIX 2019 пройдут в формате дуэли

The competition format in 2019 WDSF PD Super GrandPrix finals will be the Duel format, as seen in 2018 WDSF GrandSlam Final in Shanghai.

Just like before, six couples proceed to the final. From there on The Final Showdown will begin. Two couples at a time will share the dancefloor. They will boost and challenge each other to perform better, to rise to the next level, and to do their best to steal the spotlight. The crowd will be able to focus on every couple’s performance.

The heats will be drawed so that each finalist couple will face each of the five fellow couples once. After the draw everybody will know which couples will share the dance floor in which dance.

Five dances and six couples, one-on-one on the dance floor. Three heats per dance, total of 15 dances. At the end of each dance a double kiss & cry.

We asked some couples in Shanghai in December how they felt about replacing solo and group dances with a duel.


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